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My tablet is dead.

Jun 21 2008 07:49 pm - mintyfreshmangos

So my tablet had finally decided to die last week. I'm not really surprised because I put it though I looot of abuse. ><
I'm not sure what's really wrong with it, but I need to replace it! I'm thinking about getting the new Bamboo Fun from Wacom...though I'm really not sure. It's rather pricey....><
I'M SORRY, but no page this week! ;_;

Hopefully it doesn't take too long for Amazon to ship a tablet over....I don't think I can wait! TT_____TT


Jun 23 2008 05:21 pm - hi it's karen (Guest)

if it's from amazon, then shipping is free and it'll take a week or less because it ships from southern california anyways (from a city named Bell which is in LA county too).


Are you going on a vacation?

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