+ death's apprentice + - chapter1 p10 on Apr 22 2008 02:58 am


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Apr 22 2008 03:03 am

IT'S UP! VERY VERY LATE. I'll try to get back on track!
This page is very grey isn't it? I'm trying to break out of that...through it seems greytones is what the whole comic is leaning towards. XD

As you may have notice, new layout, as I promised (to myself). The gallery and about page will slowly be update this week.
Would you like to exchange links with me? I want some comics to fill up my link page. XD

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Sep 18 2019 11:43 pm

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Apr 22 2008 03:29 am

This is my 2nd scanned page. See all the cubicals? I would never do that by computer. Are you crazy? Months, that will take. XD

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Apr 22 2008 04:15 am

noooooooooo the noise looking good

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Apr 22 2008 06:44 am

Is death like, a business?
Can't wait for more!!

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Apr 22 2008 12:30 pm

W00t~! Gorgeous architecture there, I really like the angle. Tis very cool~

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Apr 22 2008 06:43 pm

The detail's very nice; I would never have the patience to do all of the small office stuff. Anyway nice job on that. Btw thanks for commenting on my comics.

exchange links? I would but I don't have a banner yet :(

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Apr 22 2008 07:10 pm

I am going to....

The noise was pretty fun for me to do! I wanted to make more noise, but I think enough is enough. XD

@Business Monster:
Thanks! XD Scanning my drawings really make things look better.

Kinnddaa....<3 You'll just have to find out!
*seals lips* :X

Yay, Thanks! The angel was the main reason why this page took a while. XD I wasn't sure if my perspective was right.
Actually, I'm still not sure. O__O

*gasp* NP! Thanks for the comment back! O_O Most people ignore me. Or they even delete my comments! XD I guess I'm too spazy.
When you get a banner, I'll gladdy exchange links with ya! <3 I'll put you on the top spot of my links. <3<3

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Apr 23 2008 08:38 pm

OMYGOD. Ohhhhh, you know what the first impression I got when I saw this page was? Professional~~! Yes! Minty, you are on your way to greatness! I can see the light spilling off of your comic XD. I love the composition, the perspective's a little wonky, but I love the feeling of a busy busy hive of bureaucrats typing, answering beeps, etc etc.

YES! DEATH IS A BUREAUCRACY!!! We must have crossover soon, hahaha. It was good to see an update!

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Apr 24 2008 11:54 am

That's exactly how I imagined hell. Good job!

Ok, that was a joke. It's probably not supposed to be hell. Looks like you're putting a lot of effort into this comic, it looks really great :) Keep it up.

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Apr 25 2008 12:46 pm

Whoah. Way to make a dramatic introduction!

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May 01 2008 05:47 am

Omg. i FINALLY caught up, jeezus took me long enough.
I like that idea,

I really like the perspective.
It's spiffy<3

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May 04 2008 03:26 pm

That's so very cool! I didn't know this comic was on SJ, too. xP I SAW IT ON DD WHEN IT WAS FEATURED AHHHHHHHHH

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Piskie (Guest)
May 05 2008 05:49 pm

Kyaaa! I saw this in your sketchbook! <3
The point of view is SO AMAZING!! oAo

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May 05 2008 08:11 pm


this page is made of win.
I could never draw that :''D

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