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Apr 10 2008 12:10 am

Have you noticed?
This page is scanned. XD
All the inking is pen or marker.
Not sure if I'll do it again though...

Yeah. I know. It's two day's late. >< I keeping on thinking today is Tuesday...
I was visiting art colleges on Monday. My parents and I are fighting about which one I should go to. *sigh*
I fell sick on Tuesday. A wasted day....booo....

I'll try to take better care of my self I promise! XDXD I'll start running! <3

Dying would be very inconvenient. XD Don't want to do that. Some of my non-vegetarian friends said that I could end up in a hospital when I told them I'm becoming an vegetarian. Don't want them to be right about that. O__O

OH! Everything will be reveled in the next few pages so...yeah. XD
Layout change later in the week. Or maybe tonight if I finish the new banner! <3

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May 19 2019 11:34 am

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Apr 10 2008 02:10 am

You should go to the college you want to go to. :3

Unless you are secretly supposed to go to the other college. =O Because that's where fate will lead you to your true love! ...or something! IDK, my brain went to bed without me about an hour ago.

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Apr 10 2008 06:06 am

lol, that's something to think about.
What if it's fate....? Hmmm....if I go to one college, then all the opportunities and paths of the other college would be lost.
BUT I have no clue what all the opportunities will be.
Hisssssss. ><

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Apr 10 2008 08:37 am

Choose the College that suites you well cause, hay it's not just about going to the best college, it's about getting to know people and getting contacts anyway.

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Apr 10 2008 01:28 pm

*jaws music*

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Apr 11 2008 09:27 pm

Excellent! I look forward to bumping into you on my bike then, and possibly pwning you at distance and speed. XD I kid.

I love how this page is surreal and kind of fuzzily off-balance. Very nice. And no worries about the inking--I can't tell it's hand-done. I actually LIKE the sketchiness-it adds visual flavor.

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Apr 12 2008 08:10 pm

YAY Chatter ^^

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Nice new header =D

Apr 14 2008 09:58 am

Lol, I ink my pages with pens and markers. I'm not really sure if I could do it on the computer. Anyways, it still looks good - you've got mad skills!

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Inc (Guest)
Apr 15 2008 08:18 pm

Ahahaha, I got mentioned.

<3<3<3 *feels special*

It can be dangerous, but really as long as you pay attention, and maybe grab a daily multivitamin, you'll be pretty good. And being a veg is still a very rewarding thing to do. <3

Love the new page! Ugh, the suspense! It burns!

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