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Mar 29 2008 12:42 pm

I was finished with this page a few days ago but I really really reluctant to post it. ><

After a thousand thumbnail sketches later...I finally decided to post it. I guess I'm going to take the pacing my way for now...even if it is painfully slow.
I want to try to make people understand my point and also introduce all my characters and their propose. I been planing this comic for about three years ...and I don't want to mess everything up.
I hope I can keep you, all of you who are reading my comic, to keep on reading my comic.
I guess that is the purpose of all authors, to share their story.

I want to share this story with you.

Is that hard to understand...? I'll try hard! For myself and everyone reading my comic! <3

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May 19 2019 11:30 am

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Mar 29 2008 12:51 pm

i actually prefer slower pacing, unless the story is (primarily) a comedy.

i think taking your time to set up a scene is a really good thing! especially since everything is so ambiguous right now

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Mar 29 2008 04:12 pm

I like the page lay out look good to me

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Kelath (Guest)
Mar 30 2008 01:15 am

Man, he's slow. =__=;;;; He's probably better off dead. XP

You know, even though I would LOVE to find out who the "goddess"-like woman is on your banner, I know how you feel when you say: " I want to share this story." Such a simple, humble want, but it's very important and self-affirming. That's why I'm really really really pleased with reading this story every time you update.

Lots of <3.

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