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+ death's apprentice + - chapter1 p7 on Mar 22 2008 06:48 pm


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Mar 22 2008 07:12 pm

Sorry I'm so behind. School got in my way. The teachers are merciless this time of year. ;_;

I'll try to get back on track now. <3<3
Yay for random words! Yay for Yahoo usernames! <3<3

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Jun 25 2017 03:53 am

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kay osse
Mar 22 2008 06:52 pm

why would "they" need his yahoo screen name? are they gonna spam him now??

jk, great page.

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Mar 22 2008 08:05 pm

omg i want more~~i really like the concept of this story so far~<3

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Mar 22 2008 08:12 pm

LOL @ yahoo reference

Pretty art~ @__@

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Mar 22 2008 09:00 pm

wow, this so out shines my work!

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Mar 22 2008 10:25 pm

Huzza for lorem ipsum; the coolest fake Latin ever!

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Kelath (Guest)
Mar 23 2008 11:11 pm

Death is easy to make into a bureacracy, ain't it? XD Mine's one too.

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Ajana (Guest)
Mar 24 2008 01:45 am

OMG YOU GOT FEATURED AGAIN ON DRUNKDUCK. And they typed it as Death Apprentice >___< Congrats again!

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