+ death's apprentice + - chapter1 p6 on Mar 16 2008 07:24 pm


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Mar 16 2008 07:36 pm

I can't believe how long it took for me to draw this page. CAN'T BELIEVE.

It could be because I'm sick.
It could be because Photoshop is sucking.
It could be because I'M GETTING OLLLDD! NUUUU!!!

OHOHOH. Here is something else I can't believe.

Yes, I still can't believe that.

Cause I know noone here checks my news...but Karen. XD


Dominik is one of my most developed characters and I just <3 him.
If I ever met a person like Dominik in real life, I'll punch him. You don't see it now, by Nik is a real asshole. XD

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Aug 25 2019 06:05 pm

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Mar 16 2008 10:15 pm

WHOO! Good job! Congrats too!
Love this page.

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Mar 17 2008 08:24 pm

hahaha, well he wouldn't be as cool if he were nice.

the last panel is really beautiful.

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Kelath (Guest)
Mar 19 2008 06:10 pm

YAYAYAY! NEW PAGE! Dominik is lovely to hate XD

Must I register with the oekaki?

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Hikari Yuki
Mar 22 2008 02:55 pm

Oy, I think I'm going to like Dominik...

I like this so far; the art is intriguing to the eye, both soft and rough. I like the flow and feel as well, I'm riveted.

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Piskie (Guest)
May 05 2008 05:58 pm

"Stranger danger"!!?? XDDDD <3
Awww nooooo!! I don't want Dominik to be mean... T_T

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Feb 25 2009 07:08 pm

omfg dominik is sooooo sexy!!!!! i absolutely love him!!

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