+ death's apprentice + - chapter1 p5 on Mar 12 2008 08:47 pm


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Mar 12 2008 08:50 pm

Yes, that door was always there.

Sorry it took so long, once again. >< I did this pic once in black and white and the file got corrupted. O__O So I did it once again in color. And therefore this pic. XD

I MADE AN OEKAKI! http://mintyfreshmangos.free-site-host.com/

I didn't draw on it yet though. ><

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Aug 25 2019 05:41 pm

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Zombie Mojo
Mar 12 2008 08:57 pm


This looks really good. I wish you'd do more pages in color.

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Mar 12 2008 09:51 pm

i love you art and layouts!! really cool stuff!!!

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Mar 12 2008 10:46 pm

yay <3

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Mar 12 2008 11:47 pm


I would've gawked at that thing too. *_*

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Mar 13 2008 02:39 pm

gorgeous details!!! *o*
those gates are incredibly huge!!!

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Mar 13 2008 05:56 pm

What would happen if the doors hit someone???

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Mar 13 2008 06:23 pm

What would happened if the door hit someone?

They would die instantly. XD

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good comic

Mar 14 2008 02:10 pm

I like it keep it up

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Kelath (Guest)
Mar 15 2008 08:35 pm

Hmmm, what could be behind door # 1? XD Very nice. I like the mood.

How does the oekaki work?

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Mar 18 2008 04:33 am


An oekaki is like an online drawing program. XD

I can't really explain it very well....*thinks about it* Hmmm....

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Couldn't resist

Akage (Guest)
Apr 21 2008 07:28 pm

Wha..? What?! Is Edward here?!

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Feb 25 2009 07:05 pm

OMG TWILIGHT!!!!! Edward? oops sorry im a mojor twilight fan. this is a really cool comic so far i cant wait to see more!! <3

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