+ death's apprentice + - chapter1 p4 on Mar 08 2008 06:42 pm


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Mar 08 2008 07:08 pm

I been busy lately so I couldn't draw as fast as always do. ><

I really need to start numbering these pages. XD

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Sep 18 2019 11:21 pm

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Looking great

Mar 08 2008 07:03 pm

So far so good. Your art is amazing! Story is interesting so far, as well. Can't wait to see what happens, so I'm definatly faving this.

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Mar 08 2008 07:33 pm

ohhh this comic is so good so far!!! OuO And you draw so well!! : )
*super curious to for future pages*

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Mar 08 2008 08:44 pm

Yay!!! This Comic is totally awesome!

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Mar 09 2008 06:41 am

This comic looks excellent... Great art, great writing. Looking forward to reading more.

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Mar 09 2008 09:33 am

And it stops there?! Yarr!! Cliffhanger!

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Mar 09 2008 11:41 pm

Awe. Don't torture the little guy! D:

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Ajana (Guest)
Mar 10 2008 03:40 am

*it be too late at night to give a proper review*

So: as;dlfjl;asdfjl;asjfl;aksdjfklasdjfklasdjkl!!!! <3 *pants, drools, dies*

I'm sorry I didn't do your comic justice. I love it.

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Mar 11 2008 07:04 pm

Oh, this comic rocks. Your art is amazing. =)


Btw, Omigosh. He looks SO cute in the second to last panel. <3333

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