+ death's apprentice + - prologue p12- end. on Feb 24 2008 07:28 pm


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Feb 24 2008 07:34 pm

End of prologue.
Ch1 will start by next week so you people can see what happened.

Does this comic make any sense right now? XD I would like some crit on it so far...XDXD Like on the pacing and the drawing...and...what not. This is my first comic so I want to try my best to improve. <3<3

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FAVING! AND COMMENTING! *hugs all of you and passes out cookies* <3<3
60 fans! Yay!

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May 19 2019 11:27 am

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Feb 24 2008 07:33 pm

Wow. Way to end a prologue. *claps*

Your style amazes me! It looks so cool...

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Feb 24 2008 07:50 pm

WHAT?! Last page already?! Now I'm sad! Faved. Can't wait for an update!

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Feb 24 2008 08:01 pm

lets just say your first attempt is much better than mine! i really like the style! how do you do it? what programs do you use?

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Feb 24 2008 08:20 pm

I use Photoshop and Photoshop only. I use it for almost everything I draw. XD Can't live without it.

*gasp* Clapping? YAY!
Thank you!

Galinda? Like from Wicked?
So, I'm guessing you are #62? <3<3 THANK I <3 YOOU! XD

I won't disappoint you guys! I'll work hard! <3<3

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Feb 24 2008 11:12 pm

Awesomesauce. <3 I wonder what happened to her? Did she faint? I guess we'll have to see in chapter one!

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Mar 04 2008 08:18 pm

oh preeeeeeetty snow!

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